Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For Josefina

My best friend Josefina is one of the few people who have known me for a long time. Part of the reason for that is the moving that I've already told you about. Part is my lack of ability to stay in touch with old friends.

Yet Josefina remains. She's about to graduate law school now, in fact. She's always been very bright. But the real stand out part of her is her style! Josefina can go into the crummiest little shop and find the most awesome pieces.

Her wedding, though it isn't in the cards as of yet, will be spectacular. I'm particularly stoked for all of the Jewish wedding traditions that I will get to see. It will also mark the end of Boy's deadline to propose. He had from last Christmas to when the glass is broken at Josefina's wedding. I'm sure when she gets engaged he'll start really sweating it!

Josefina's true color is cranberry. She is an alabaster princess, so the deep red tone looks fantastic on her. I just did a red board, so I thought I would dabble in another color she looks great in:

I told you she was stylish. I'm hoping her wedding will be an NYC affair myself. Note how I've spared no expense here on my best friend's wedding! I've set it in NYC, dressed the maids in designer frocks, and chosen a single flower motif with orchids, which are notoriously expensive.

I'm blatantly reveling in my uber-hip dream world. What do you think? Does it fit a hip law student? What would you do if you could design your best friend's wedding?


Crystal said...

Mmm. Yummy! I have a hard time imagining what kind of wedding dress Joey would wear.. The one you have here is stunning, but I can't really see her in it.. Don't know what she would wear, though. Maybe something classically Kennedy-esque? Off the shoulder and preppy? We'll have to ask her some day. :)

Jo said...

I love this board!! Particularly the fact that you included both orchids and a hand fan, both which I am a sucker for. Also that you titled the board "she cackled". I also really liked the idea of the hot cocoa bar from your last post, if I have a winter wedding I am stealing it.

For your next board I think you should do something completely inspired by autumn--leaves in reds, organges and yellows, pumpkins, and pine cones.

Sezzy said...

crys- I know... I actually completed the board and then realized I forgot to even include a dress. I had to add one, and this one doesn't feel very Jo.

Jo- Yes ma'm. By all means steal a hot cocoa bar! I'd love to enjoy it :)

Sezzy said...

I actually did a fall board a while ago, check it out!