Sunday, October 12, 2008

Technical difficulties and change


According to Facebook, I have exceeded a completely arbitrary and unannounced limit because of the speed at which I write notes.

I haven't written a note since August, so apparently twice every 3 months is too often.

Boy and I hosted a party this weekend, and had an absolutely fantastic time with our friends. Since I'm a geek, I write down the interesting things that we say and post them on Facebook with commentary afterwards. This protects all of us, since Facebook is a bit safer than the blogosphere for off-color comments.

However... I promised to begin telling the story of Sezzy and Boy, and how we got to year four of life in love. Don't worry, you can still expect inspiration board goodness. But now, as an added bonus, you get to meet the cast.

And you get the quotations. But not yet. First, some set up and the beginning of sharing our story. It is, above all, a story about fate and friends.

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