Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nothing is that black and white!

A white wedding looks fantastic, but I'm sorry. There is no way I'm going to be sharing that white dress spotlight.

The solution? A black and white wedding. Oh so formal, and oh so luscious:

A Panda Is! by nittanysam

I'm not sure about that black bouquet, it seems a bit morbid. I love the flower girl bouquet though! Dual bridesmaid dresses are back, although I have not yet attempted to give the groomsmen any individuality. Oh well. It's not really about them, is it?

I think I'm forgetting my own situation in this one. For Boy, who has 3 brothers and for me as well, seeing as most of my friends (save the very select group of awesome girls) are boys... the groomsmen will be a big deal.

So how do I give them their own spin? What do you think of black and white? Too contrasty? It makes me kind of ache for a pop of robin's egg... or tangerine... Ooh! Or celadon!


Zac said...


Tangerine tangerine tangerine.

Crystal said...

Black bouquet: Yes, too morbid. With this palette, I'd go with a white bouquet, as the groom would be mostly or all black, so you could be all white!

BM dresses: OMG I love me some bridesmaids dresses in a print! They're hard to find sometimes, but I think they really give the wedding party some variety and punch.

Tangerine: Yes. :)

Sezzy said...

I love print dresses, especially the black one here. I think the white one is a bit too graphic for my taste, but I know Becky would love it!

I've seen a lot of photos where they use a print dress to highlight the MOH, but I don't know how I feel about that...