Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

For your wedding, your life, and your loved ones I hope that you have a great holiday season.

I'm going to be bustling and busy, so my posts will take a break until the new year.

Love and good wishes,

Monday, December 22, 2008

Country Club

Oh... I don't know.

So Daddy joined a country club this year, and that got me thinking about the idea of a country club wedding. And... I don't know. I think that a big part of me wants to get married at somewhere special, and the banquet hall of anywhere doesn't strike me as special.

But... wouldn't it be a delicious location to do traditional with a twist?

I love red and aqua right now- very dramatic. I think that it's perfect for a January/February affair, because you're ushering in the spring with the Robin's Egg/Tiffany box blue.

For once, when designing this wedding I paid attention to the model and her expression. She is so rocking this short dress, and she has a bit of a pampered prep school look to her. So I choose designer attire to match, complete with that fantastic Tacori ring.


Friday, December 19, 2008

So close...

Ahh!! Christmas! New Year's! Rose Bowl!

I'm so excited that it's ridiculous. No. It's full on redonculous. There is little to be done for it at this point.

I've actually been a bit under the weather, and even that isn't stopping my excitement. You see, NYE is my Absolute. Favorite. Holiday.

Christmas, you say? I'm no humbug, I love Christmas. But it isn't NYE. See, on NYE, you get to stay up late, have a fancy party with all of your friends, you're supposed to get slightly wasted, and you get kissed!

What isn't to like about NYE?

Nothing, that's what.

So Boy and I have friends coming over to our cute little townhouse for a NYE potluck/all night rager that will turn into a Rose Bowl celebration the next day. That means two solid days of friends, family, and ferocious pong skills. We may even get to squeeze a game of Celebrity- the world's hippest and most awesome party game (Tina Fey plays it. Oh yeah.)

Which all leads to me being so close. All of the friends, family, and awesomeness.... so close. Which got that song from Enchanted stuck in my head.

I'm not huge on purple, but this is some elegant eggplant.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This wedding was posted over on Weddingbee at some point yesterday, and I absolutely love every square inch of it. Clicking the "this wedding" link well get you bunches of pictures as well as the actual wedding budget (!!!), but here are some of my favorite pictures:

All of which got me thinking about what I really want and what I really do not want for my own wedding. I've been having lots of fun pre-planning, but I have a feeling that the time for fun and games is nearly over. In a very good way. So what have I learned?

What I absolutely must have:
Active, happy bridesmaids- think lunches, shopping trips
flowers done by family- bouquet party :)
formal attire... not sure about the black tie yet
unique, lengthy ceremony
our song, as arranged by me
dancing- lots and lots of dancing
excellent photography

What must be kept far away from my wedding:
faux flowers of any sort
drop ceilings
unnecessary bling, gloss, and "wedding necessities"

I solemnly swear:
Not to over-knot
not to make online purchases without first consulting Boy and/or 2 bridesmaids
to shut up when asked to stop talking about wedding stuff

and finally, not to snoop and spoil Boy's surprise.

That last one is a toughie...

Monday, December 15, 2008

As Promised

Well, I couldn't very well go onto Polyvore and come back without a new wedding set, could I?

I used plain old regular inspiration for today's board and came up with a pink and gold garden wedding:

Simple and formal at the same time. I don't see this as being an overly decorated affair, but rather set in a beautiful garden with Nature doing all the hard work :). It would be great if there was a hedge maze involved...

Complete Bragging

When I popped over to Polyvore to start today's board, I had a happy little note: I won a contest for one of my non-wedding boards!

Yay! The challenge was a teacher's casual Friday, which by the way is my favorite day of the week. I am a jeans and cute sweaters kind of girl! So, I know it's not wedding related, but here's the board:

What a nice way to start a Monday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I hopped on over to Weddingbee Pro today for the first time and was immediately met with major inspiration. Enjoy the eye candy!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mrs. Darcy

I very badly want to make a t-shirt that says something along the lines of "Mr. Darcy is way hotter than Edward."

Crys may disagree on that point. Oh well. I used Kiera Knightly's dress from the latest version of Pride and Prejudice as the jumping off point for this, her second board:

I love this dress. It is simple, elegant, and full of personality without being showy. The countryside is in England- hello destination wedding! (I suppose it could be France...) You awesome readers already know how much I love monochromatic color schemes, and I'm at it again with this red. Love it!

Clearly I'm just eating this board right up. I may also have to order this locket right now, though I'm terrified to look at the price.

By the way, if you haven't already checked out the fabulous invitations of The Future Mrs. Darcy on Etsy, do so. Your inner geek will thank you, as will your design sense.

And here's another little treat to get you over hump day:

Can you tell I'm starting to feel better?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Betcha can't do just one

My bestest reader and commenter, Crys, challenged me to center more boards around others. So I've decided that she's up first.

Crys is my one and only married friend (who is my age), so long as you don't count her hubby (though I probably should.) Their wedding was beautiful and awesome, and you can see how it really played out by visiting her blog: A Bayside Affair. I wouldn't change a moment of it, because the whole time I kept my eyes on her hubby.

See, aside from "Tim" and "Drunky McGambling problem," his two alter egos who come out depending on how much delicious Massachusetts vodka drinks he's had, Nick is a kind of reserved guy. He loves his movies, select video games, and cannot make frozen pizza in the microwave. (To be fair, I think the microwave incident was blamed on Tim.)

Not so on his wedding day.

Their photographer, the fantastic Erin Antognoli, won an award for this photo.

Yeah. So re-imagining this day, as Crys puts it, is a tall order. And I want it to be clear that I loved their wedding.

So they won't be getting just one. They'll be getting several. With various themes. This, my favorite winter board, is the first:

I love the branches and the fantastic cream lace. I know Crys hates roses, but they are too much of a lovely contrast to the branches.

This little bluebird is back from an earlier board. I was walking Jack-Jack today, and when he stopped to sniff something I noticed that a nearby tree was full of bluebirds. The simple beauty that they brought was startling, I felt as though I had happened upon a moment of magic.

I always feel much the same about weddings, and I hope that mine comes across that way as well. That all of our guests are witness to moments of simple beauty.

I'm sure that a sense of perspective and fatigue will be banged into my skull once I finally have to start planning.

(Btw: You can see the inspiration for the board as connected with the couple by hovering over it. I alluded to their completely understandable love of lotr in the past as well)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I love him, really I do.

Yesterday, because he was sick, he washed all of the sheets on the bed, the down comforter, and a down throw that he used while lying on his deathcouch.

He also made cookies :).

Unfortunately, his boy upbringing did not teach him how dryers work (or more appropriately, do NOT work) and he put an entire bed and a half's worth of bedding into the dryer. At once.

The result was a tightly rolled wad of very wet bedding and 45 minutes of waiting after we separated the mound of sopping wet sheets. We finally decided to sleep under an old quilt.

I love him.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wedding Fun

I'm super busy, so today's board will have to wait for now. I just wanted to quickly share two bits of wedding fun with you :).

Today's CakeWrecks post is all about wedding cake disasters, do check it out.

And also, this is being sent around the blogosphere today. I don't usually get political, but this is way too funny and features the awesome NPH:

Prop 8: The Musical

But please remember, don't hate on all Californians for Prop 8, and definitely don't be mad at all Americans... only those in California could have voted for it. Hopefully the system will work and sort it out so that love means love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This dress. Oh-em-gee. It is everything I want. Strapless, semi-original, fluffy, pickups. OMG.

So I saw this dress and it immediately sent me back to 9th grade and my original wedding ideas. Red and White. Contrast- I was all about contrast:

Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I said I was going back to 9th grade... So I had a bit of a Leo crush. And by crush, I of course mean that I was convinced that I would meet him somehow and he would fall in love with me. And we would get married.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Eternal Sunshine

For some reason, as I made this board the theme to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind played through my head.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I'm back at work after a short break and trying not to dwell on the holidays too much. If I do, these three weeks will be torture. Adding engagement excitement to this mix may well kill me.

The desire to keep from dying of want is part of the reason this non-white wedding dress caught my eye:

And a whole reversal board came from it. I love the 'maid's dress, as usual. I think it's stunning, and I don't care that it's not rewearable. In cream, it isn't too "bridey," but I somehow like the idea of a colored dress bride with white dress maids.

It's also a very spring-like wedding. Maybe I'm dreaming of spring?

One thing is for sure, I need to chill. Because I for sure can't go on like this.