Friday, October 24, 2008

Seriously, I think I drooled. For reals.

Boy is out of town on business, so that gives me the chance to gorge on wedding porn. I was surfing around a bit aimlessly when I decided to look at a few venues, just to see what was out there.

And then...

OMG. O-M-F-ing-G.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

It's a fantastic multi-option catering/B&B/spa in the Poconos. Spa. As in they do bridal hair and makeup there. And give massages.

Main plus: Hello? Did you see those gosh darned pictures? It's breathtaking. The reception area looks like a grand space and has no drop ceilings (which I've figured out is non-negotiable point numero uno with me. NO drop ceilings in my reception hall! I don't care how much fabric you weave up there, buddy!)

Main minus: At 55-70 dollars a plate plus facility rental this place is pricey mcpricersons.

But still: My parents did honeymoon in the Poconos, so it'd be worth it for the sentimental value... right? And I could embrace my half-Irish heritage with a Celtic woodland wedding:

Wouldn't it be so earthy and great? Boy and I went hiking in rainforest when we were in Hawaii and fell in love with the lush surroundings. Another hiking date is soon to be set with our bestest engaged pals, and we won't even care about the cold. Ok, we'll care a little, but forests are pretty!

This dress puts me in mind of Lady Galadriel, you almost need a circlet with it. The bridesmaids dresses are JCrew and come in many different colors for mixable fun. Recognize those invitations? I've used them before in a different color.

And I love that cake. Absolutely love.

Obviously, this is a wedding I could never afford. What do you think? Is venue worth the amount of money you spend on it?

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Crystal said...

Oh! Love love LOVE! If it weren't for price, I would have killed to get you guys in that exact JCrew dress.. The green is great. That wedding dress is great! That ceremony site is great! Price is not so great.. I'd bookmark this place, though.. Just in case. :)