Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think about the implications

I seem to have no problem gathering ideas when I'm listening to music. This time, it was Colin Hay's "Overkill," which was featured in an episode of Scrubs a while back. It's the one where Colin Hay follows J.D. around playing a guitar and singing loudly. Brilliant.


This is what I came up with. Don't ask me why teal. It's a very chill song, which explains the cream. But the teal? Goodness knows. I'm also totally crushing on damask right now. It's classic and formal but not a Fleur de Leis. I can't look at one of those without singing an old kappa kappa gamma-bashing sorority song, and I have a feeling that a wedding is neither the time nor place for sorority rivalries.

I'm certain that this dress would be incredibly heavy, but you simply have to click on it and check it out in all of its pretty, lacy detail. According to the site it was inspired by Avril Livigne, but I have no idea how. It's also $5,000, so there's that.

Polyvore has an excess of Jones soda bottles to use when creating collages. I suppose they're for people who would like to accessorize their outfit with a matching bottle of soda. But what about chic little favors? Or for out-of-town bags? Oooh, out of town bags, you will be a post all your own.

What do you think? Are lamps suitable as additional lighting options if used sparingly (not as centerpieces)? How fantastic are those gorgeous Jimmy Choo's?


Crystal said...

You can get custom-printed Jones Soda labels, too. Like with your monogram or engagement photo on them? With your names.. Too cute.

I LOVE the teal! Not a fan of the dress, but the teal is just awesome.

Sezzy said...

ooh, that would be adorable. What about Jack-Jack in all his fluffy awesomeness? He goes with the color scheme!

Yes, I suppose the dress isn't very Crystal... but I like it! I'm looking for a big dress with a hoop skirt. I know it would be uncomfy... but I'm not sure I can resist!