Monday, October 20, 2008

Pale Peonies

I make no bones whatsoever about my favorite flower: the peony. I do not apologize for its unabashed girlishness. I do not care if it is out of season during my own wedding (it won't be). I will have peonies.

Gosh darnit.

While I was searching for some inspiration after my last board left me feeling blah, I came back upon the peony. One of the things I am incredibly grateful for is that I am not tied to a wedding theme or any kind of choices yet. I have a feeling that when things become official, all of those things will be incredibly stressful. What if I planned the perfect Penn State wedding and then hated it after falling out of love with my pallet?

I know I can't fall out of love with this pale pallet:

It's just so simple and airy. I love peonies because they are so dramatic and romantic with very little effort on their own part. They come with fantastic, huge leaves. They are not dangerous and snotty like roses are.

They also grow in my parents' yard.

The real center of this board and its star is the bridesmaid dress: a vintage 1930's number in pale pink. I don't think it would flatter any of my girlfriends, but there it is.


Crystal said...

This one screams SAM to me. :)

Sezzy said...

:) that it does.