Monday, October 27, 2008

"I'm not really this dark, please don't send me to my counselor."

That's what one of my students last year said before he read a poem that came out incredibly dark. Sometimes that just happens- you start with one idea and it takes a delicious dark turn.

Speaking of yummy, Ariel posted a drool-inducing Victorian forest wedding on Thursday over on Offbeat Bride. You simply must clicky to read the interview with Rachael, the fabulously dark and creative bride. Every detail is gorgeous.

Boy, boy's little bro, and I are heading to a concert soon of this fantastic little band called The Matches. Their stuff is a little quirky, which I love. They have a song called Darkness Rising, which is a perfect goth love song. Clicky and listen!

I'm going to be showing my true geek colors here, but the first time I heard the song, I immediately thought of Edward and Bella, of Twilight.

The main idea of the song is perfect for a wedding, particularly one with a dark theme... and what is darker than vampires? What I get from the lyrics is: "No matter how dark and twisty you are, I'll still be here. Bring it on."

What a great theme for a Victorian-inspired affair:

The pale pink is back, and looks just as stunning with black as it does with the cream. The dress is beautiful, but I think I would prefer it in cream, so it would go with the palate a bit better.

One interesting thing I found as I was working on this board is that it came out warm, despite the fact that it's based around night and blackness. Strange.

I am in love with that birdcage.

So what do you think? Are dark themes inappropriate for a wedding? Do Halloween-timed weddings have to involve costumes, or do you think the bride can just wear a discreet set of fangs?


Crystal said...

I think the only reason this one came out warm was because the background makes it still mostly light. If the background were black, this board would have a whole new mood. :)

Otherwise, I like it! Anything Twilight-related is ok by me. I would be what one calls obsessed..

I like one of these cakes for this board, though: in black and white, of course..

Sezzy said...

If that's what I think it is... then I'm for the Corpse Bride cake. It is SOOOO fantastic. The Nightmare one is a bit much for me, even though I heart me some Jack Skellington.