Thursday, October 23, 2008

What if...

you just skipped all of the planning and wedding drama and eloped? You could throw a chic cocktail party and just board the plane.

Wouldn't it be kind of nice? Elopement doesn't mean that your friends and family couldn't be involved at all. Everyone could come along for the getaway and cheer you on! Simple invitations could let everyone know the plan. The bridal party attire would match, but be simple and really rewearable. The bride would carry a calla lilly and wear a packable dress.

It's a great dream...

Of course, you could always use the same plan and palate for an engagement party. I love the idea of an engagement party, but I don't like the ones that look like a mini-wedding. This party could be hosted at a home or a great bar. The bridal party could wear coordinated clothes that they already own, so that everyone can get to know the important people.

Still, it's tempting.


Crystal said...

Hmm. This sounds like a fun plan. :) You would never go for it, but a fun plan nonetheless..

Sezzy said...

I know, I know. I think I would die if unable to plan an actual wedding at this point. Still..

While all this playing with inspiration is fun, I'm terrified about actual planning. I am not. good. with. details. (ex: It's October and I'm just getting my car inspected. It was due in August.)

And I know that all this playing is going to have to stop once Boy kneels with the ring so... I'm just trying to have fun... while I still can!