Thursday, January 29, 2009

Style. I has it?

Maybe not. But I do love this whole inspiration board thing.

I've been toying with my color scheme for a little while now, trying to find what works with our style and the mood we want to set for our wedding.

Our mood?: still fluid, but it's coming together like formal fun, traditional with a twist. I'd love to see everyone all decked out, but still sipping on their drinks and dancing it out. And since it is looking more and more like we're having a 4th of July weekend college town bash, there is going to need to be some laid back fun in there.

One of the things we have been most focused and clear on is our music. Boy and I fell in love through a series of concerts and shared cds, so music is a big part of our life together. It will factor huge in our day.

So, duh... all I needed to do was put on the song we'll be doing our first dance to and pull things that went with it.

Could it be?

It's not perfect, but it's a good start. I'm loving the colors now. Black with heather gray, then accents of teal and lighter shades of blue down to ice blue. I love it. To me, it's simple but still playful and has a bit of the indie rock sensibility of my purple and black board from back in the early days.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I have found that breathing is really the key to surviving wedding planning.

The date that I wanted is impossible? Breathe and replan.

I need another bridesmaid? Breathe and call Liz. (who is awesome. Welcome!)

My ring needs to be resized and will take no longer than a week, but it's Monday and I still don't have my ring?


Breathe and be calm.

I love my ring. I am not a girl who dwells on material things, or at least I try not to. I get all of the background of diamonds. I know where they come from. I know that, even though Boy purchased my ring from a beloved family friend, that it ultimately still supports the dreaded Wedding Industrial Complex and everything evil on theknot.

But I love my ring.

Boy designed it. He picked out the center stone. He did this all on his own. He spent hours looking and thinking about what I would like.

So yes, even though I know that I am engaged even without the ring, I miss it.

It's a thing. A material thing. And I know that I'm being stupid about it, but here I am sitting at my desk, trying disparately to avoid shoving another thin mint in my mouth, ready to cry.

So I guess I'm a gollum. Damn. I've never been good at riddles.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Venues 2: The local search

One day last week, I got a bit organized and started a local venue search. After some emailing, this is the completed list that we came up with. Up first are our top 3 with comments from us.

Cairnwood, in Bryn Athen

Sezzy: Beautiful! Limited information- nothing about the price. Looks expensive.
Boy: also my favorite, but weren't the Pitcairns the family from the Pennsylvania legend that in-bred and created a creepy society of freaks? Regardless, the venue is nicest one from Montgomery County.
Sezz7: I think that was the DuPonts.

Celebrations , Bensalem
Sezzy: Highly recommended by wedding magazines, voted best of Bucks County. Jesus. They have a complimentary stretch limousine service. There is a ceremony site fee, though. Lots of detail pictures, but not much of actual facilities. Menu listed but no prices.
Boy: Wow, looks really nice... and expensive. The menu is very extensive. Probably my favorite.

Font Hill Castle Estate

Website: (catering company which serves the castle. Go to locations and choose Font Hill or Pearl S. Buck- for a different venue)
Sezzy: Fantastic venue! Tented reception, though. Lots of menu options. Prices reasonable- considering. 115 a plate, including fees.
Boy: Very nice. Also, it looks like you can have the wedding at a number of different sites and some have indoor receptions. The Pearl S. Buck also looks nice.

And, just for fun, two places that we nixed right off the bat.

Venue A
Sezzy: Kill me now.
Boy: holy mother of God... words cannot describe how ugly this is (I just threw up in my mouth a little)

Venue B
Sezzy: I am going to kill whoever created this website. But wow. Ok. So the place is a little cookie cutter, but it’s definitely inexpensive.
Boy: love the fairy on the website, and I also love how you have to click "Enter" twice to actually enter the website. WTF is with this website???? AHHHHHH!!! And a little cookie-cutter??? Come on... also the food is cheap but the menu is lame. The reception hall looks like someone's bedroom. Not a fan of this place

Monday, January 19, 2009

The girls

So after finally getting in touch with all five of them (a bit difficult when one decides to go gallivanting off to Israel), I officially have bridesmaids!

And let me just tell you, these girls are the cream of the crop. Awesomeness in true form. I would settle for nothing less!

Bridesmaid B: Becky, MOH and adorable little sister, whose phone no longer vibrates because she spilled Jager on it.

Bridesmaid C: Recent bride and bringer of all things geek chic, who never spills a drink... nope...

Bridesmaid J: Kick ass law student, long time bff, who rocks a style I could never pull off and helps me justify my crazy

Bridesmaid M: Vegan goddess, caretaker of the Hags, and loving kitty mommy who is planning her own awesome affair for this spring

Bridesmaid CFD: Fellow English teacher, who votes in the Olympics, saves adorable little Asian boys from evil Canadians, and helps us drink our beer

Ok bridal minions, the next step is up to you. What should I call these girls on this "anonymous" blog? Anyone have a preference for their own nicknames?

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's in a date?

Honestly? I'm a bit frustrated. And I know I'm being silly and it's early.

We're having some issues pinning down a date.

When I was pre-planning, I set my heart on a wedding in June of 2010. I had reasons, like 2010 is a great year and we'll be the perfect age, the weather in June is nice but not too hot, and any earlier would be during the school year which would = major headache.

So now that it's looking like the two available weekends in the second half of June (any earlier and I might be in school) are a no-go I'm a bit sad about it. Not full on temper tantrum sad; more like slightly sulking, as if someone just ate my last french fry (I'm looking at you, Boy).

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe this is a good thing? It feels like letting go of the wedding that I pre-planned for one that is about Boy and I now.

One that maybe involves some fireworks.

And that could be awesome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love him.

Unprovoked, Boy started his own wedding blog.

Check it out: Sezzy's Boy

Now I'm humming Gershwin. (Who could ask for anything more?)

I lied.

I will not be talking about local venues today. I got distracted.

Fear not. The only local venue we have seriously considered is one I already featured! I will give you more news as I have it.

Mkay. So, veils.

This is one of the many areas of bridedom that have thousands of options. The nice thing about this is that I'm sure to find a style that works for me. The not-so-nice thing is that I have absolutely no expertise in this matter.

According to the wedding channel's website, there are twelve different styles of veil. This might seem daunting, but since I plan to try lots of things on and choose whichever one makes me giggle the most I'm not worried.

Oh, David's Bridal called last night and will call again in the spring to set up dress shopping excursion. More news on that (for you maids, esp.) when it's relevant. I'm thinking June.

Anyway- pretty pictures of veils!

I really like the "my hairstyle is oozing this pretty fabric" way that many veils are pinned, but I kind of want a little bit of sparkle or a flower of some sort.

Birdcage veils are both stylish and fun, but eliminate the fun/major emotional moment of Dad flipping the front part of the veil up after the walk down the aisle. Maybe for the reception?

By the way... Boy asked if I was going to have two dresses: as in a different dress for the reception. Isn't that nuts? I mean, I know that it's hip and it would definitely be fun, but did I really just hear the Groom suggest spending more money for the sake of fashion?!


Mmm. So putting aside the fact that this is a simply beautiful shot (clicky the picture to go to the site), I don't like edging on veils. It reminds me too much of my little first communion veil, and I was horribly sick on my first communion. It's also the first time I encountered Nick, and who wants to remember that?

Love hair. Love veil. This image is a keeper. My only question is about how this works when the blusher part of the veil is flipped up as you walk down the aisle. Does it flip over the hair? Doesn't that violate the laws of gravity?

I Adore the drama of this. I am a little bit attached to a fingertip veil, but something about the cascading fabric of a cathedral length veil is mesmerizing. Her hair looks like a muffin, but the veil is gorgeous!

What do you think?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Venue Hunting

Boy and I's first duty is to choose a venue. Even though we won't be using it for a year and a half. Apparently there is logic there.

Anyway. A-searching we shall go. If we plan on a State College affair, we have five options. Three of those options are palatable, the others... not so much. Remember how much I thought I would hate drop ceilings? I was wrong. I utterly loathe and dispise them. Just seeing them in a banquet hall makes me think of getting married in someone's basement. Ew.

Option 1: The Nittany Lion Inn

Upshot: I worked here when I was in college, so I know the place in and out. I know what it looks like set up for a wedding in each of the rooms and what all of the food tastes like. (omg coconut chicken) I also know for absolute certain that they can prepare a yummy vegan meal, which is important because two of Boy and I's favorite VIPs are vegan.

Downside: The price is a little steep if you want to do a seated dinner with a combination platter. I also worry about having a cookie cutter PSU wedding...

Option 2: The Penn Stater

Upshot: Less expensive than the Nittany Lion Inn with roughly the same menu. There are also many more guest rooms here than at the Inn.

Downside: This is farther from downtown, so you'd either have to drive or bus it here. (I am kind of excited about CATA bus surfing in a wedding dress... but that's just me) Also, the Thon banquet I attended here reminded me of my Junior Prom at the Fort Washington Expo Center (giant warehouse like place).

Option 3: Toftrees

Upshot: It's beautiful. They have lots of outdoor areas, and there is a pretty golf course. The rooms are lovely and it's a great setting for a country club wedding.

Downside: It's expensive, and they have fewer options. It's also not as integrated with the campus and downtown areas, so it doesn't have as much of an authentic feel.

So that's what there is in State College. What do you guys think?

Up next: What about a down-home wedding in the Philly 'Burbs?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Narrowing down our style

The poll is currently in a four way tie, which I actually love because it speaks to more of what I was planning to do, which is merge!

There are many things still in the air, so right now I only have things that I like. As I narrow them down, I'll bring together a cohesive board.

But until then :)
Centerpiece Love: Hydrangeas in square containers, although there seem to be way too many wine glasses in this picture. I guess one is for water?

Bouquet Love: Simple. Clean. Classic. Perhaps with brightly colored ribbon around the holdy-thingy (handle? Somehow that doesn't sound right.)

Bridesmaid Love: I've already talked about my desire for black maid's dresses, and these are stunning.

Sigh... this wedding planning thing is fun :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Fitness

T minus a year and half (ish) until the wedding.

According to Boy, this means time to get in shape. Which means running.


Look, my people (Irish suburban band/literature geeks) do not run. There are countless reasons for this, not the least of which are: we often fall down, it creates stabby ouchies in our legs, it causes coughing for several hours afterward, and there are no books involved.

But I ran anyway. Because I said "yes." And that means we're in this together now. And I like that.

I like that things, for now, feel a little different. I guess that I wasn't really expecting that. Remember, Boy and I have been living in sin for more than 2 years now. That's about half of our relationship. So we did the "wow, we're together all the time now, let's do it!" phase. We did the "really? Do you have to take your shirts off inside out all the time?" arguments. (Sorry- I really do almost always end up with the shirts inside out... I don't even know how it happens!) So I figured that we were, for all intents and purposes, married already.

But this is something different. Good different. Great, in fact.

Seriously though, ouch.

Any tips for wedding fitness?

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Best Wishes"

I had no idea about the whole "congratulations" versus "best wishes" thing and needed to have it explained to me. (Apparently you say "best wishes" to the bride because saying "congratulations" implies she achieved something... like landing a fantastic boy.)

Some Bride I turn out to be.

But so it begins. All of this imagining has left me with, as I predicted, no actual idea of what I want our wedding to look like. We have decided on a few particulars so far:
  • June 2010
  • Either State College or Philadelphia area (already a point of minor contention)
  • rough budget- although we have honestly no idea how much weddings cost... please help!!!
  • Online bits such as our photos and our wedding party wiki
  • we will have groomsmen AND ushers, which has confused my dad, but I assure you makes sense to us.
But it feels like so many big things are still undecided, and that is making me nervous. Which is crazy.

I am well aware.

So, I need you. I am going to post my top five favorite boards (in no particular order). Please vote for your favorite one! (clicking an image will take you to the original post)

1. The very first
2. Teal Awesomeness

3. Peonies

4. Bright and sunny5. Our Song

6. Green Gardens
7. Elegant Eggplant
Yeah. I know, that was seven, not five. I have a couple of favorites- but I want to know yours! Check the side navigation for the poll and feel free to leave your reasons in the comments.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome, welcome!

Back, that is. Thanks for returning after my break.

It was nice to even set aside the blogs and chill for a week to focus on what really matters: friends, family, and fantastic NYE parties.

Remember, I was very excited for this occasion. It did not disappoint.

Christmas though, came first, and netted me a fantastic little pink digital camera. It came with an equally fantastic and equally pink printer, and the purchase of the set gave a tiny amount of money to breast cancer research, so that was a very thoughtful move on Boy's part.

And, to be honest, I thought that I would be crushed and sulk if I didn't get my ring on Christmas, but I wasn't. And I didn't.

I'm not sure why.

So NYE came and I was stoked. Our friends were in town and we made buckets of delicious food. The hit of the evening was Boy's hash brown casserole. All was well, until Boy called me upstairs about ten minutes before midnight. And then all was... perfect.

The joining of my previous favorite present and my Favorite Present Ever: the Precious.

I called Becky, my fantastic sister, upstairs and immediately crowned her supreme Maid of Honor before Boy and I left our dream world into the cheering, jumping, and toasting group of most of our closest friends.

I called family, which DaddySez assures me was hilarious because I was having trouble stringing together my words to make sentences happen. These calls included Aunt Spikey (not a BlogMoniker, this is what we actually call her. Trust me, she's exactly as awesome as she sounds.) , who told me to make sure I told Eric, "Welcome, welcome."

And a true "welcome, welcome" to you as well.

Thanks for being with me thus far. For reading when I pre-planned and imagined. I humbly beg you to stick around, because I'm going to need some serious help with this. Help that involves martinis. And a fantastic planning binder that I've already purchased.

Because right now all I can do is stare at Boy, stare at the Precious, and grin.

More precious shots and photos of the engagement for those interested will be kept on our Picasa site.