Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Becky

My sister Becky is a simple girl. She works hard so she plays hard. She also has fantastic taste. Her room, which is still at my parents' house while she finishes her studies, is chocolate brown and Tiffany box blue.

It's exquisite.

So in honor of her:

short and sweet by nittanysam

Voila! A simple board of brown and blue. These contrasty buddies look great together, and even though I'm not a huge fan of brown bridesmaids, this chiffon number is very pretty.

What do you think? Do you miss the tangerine as much as I do? Are you longing for some lime? Or is a basic palate the perfect stage for simple elegance?

Edit: The board is clicky-able now! The problem is due to my lack of ability with html and Polyvore's new practice of putting links of the title under the picture, which I don't like. The problem is also fixed on earlier posts, so clicky away!


Bridget said...

Amazing!! I love everything!!! The dress i would of course have to try on... It must have a gazillion buttons up the back for mom to button :) So glad my wedding is planned already! Now i just need to work on the man!

Crystal said...

This is lovely! Any reason you're not a fan of brown bridesmaids? I like this one here, though.

Also, the fact that this Polyvore board isn't clickable makes me sad. :(

Love you!

Sezzy said...

Your wish is my command, the clicky problem has been solved!

Sezzy said...

Crystal- eh, I'm not sure really.

I just tend to think of brown as a basic neutral, and I'd rather my own bridesmaid get to shine. For me, the point of the bridal party is showing everyone I know that these are the people I count on to stand up with me. I want it to be special for those people.

Also, chocolate brown is a really popular dress color, period. I'd be afraid to have a bunch of guests show up matching the palate, stealing the spotlight from the awesome maids!