Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is snowing, peoples. Outside, right now, in my little country suburb of Philadelphia, it is snowing. It is gosh-darned October!

Which leads me to a minor wedding related panic attack. What on earth do you do when your fantastic outdoor ceremony is beset with freakish weather? Rain, I understand. You can prepare for rain, and should, especially in October. But snow?

I am a problem solver. I may go into a minor panic, but I like to think that I do a fairly good job in a pinch. For me, it's fun and a necessity. If I don't adapt in the classroom, I'm toast.

So how do you fix a glorious outdoor fall wedding that is beset with snow? A trusty bridesmaid, some fast-thinking, and quick trip to the local mall! A few quick changes can turn this:

Into this:

Your invitations would still not match if you went with the leaf motif. If you're really terrified of weather catastrophe though, you probably won't be planning your wedding during an iffy period. Luckily, the colors of fall leaves are perfect for a fireside feel. I'm sure any guests would appreciate warm drinks that you could probably prevail upon your caterer to serve. You can pick up bags of single color M&Ms at any party city... something I found out when in oh-my-god-I-forgot-the-favors panic hours before Crystal's shower. A stealthy switch of leaves for extra (or supermarket) roses on the cake and no one will even notice that your theme does not fit the weather.

If you're like me and you don't mind some quick adjustments, you can have a not perfect (no such thing!) but perfectly fine day in the season you love.

And speaking of purr-fectly fine: the awesome and talented Crystal of A Bayside Affair was recently featured on Cardgirl DIY! Let's hear it for her!

Let's hear it from you, too! Were there any weather catastrophes or adjustments on your big day?

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Crystal said...

My, you are crafty! You so didn't need to panic over favors for my shower, but I didn't even notice there was panicking going on, because they were just awesome!

I especially like the cake idea. The one in the second board is too pretty!