Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2 fer

Because I was feeling a bit more inspired today than usual, and I have no more papers to grade...

Here's a bonus board for you!

A fall wedding would be something special. While most people seem to love the spring, I prefer the fall. The warm colors, cozy sweaters, and slightly chilly nights really appeal to me, and this time of year always coincides with the return of school, new notebooks, and the smell of books. They smell different in the fall, trust me.

Also, a big shout out to my favorite recent Mrs: the fantastic Crystal over at A Bayside Affair, who totally pimped me on her blog today. X's and O's all around.

If you're new, please consider leaving a comment to say hi! I am a blogging virgin and curious if anyone is reading. Not to mention that I would totally love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Don't be shy!

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Crystal said...

Mmmm mm. Sometimes I think fall themes are too played out, like with the fake plastic leaves everywhere and the tendency to use every fall-ish color imaginable, but done right, fall weddings can be so chic! I really love the apples you have here. And it would be doubly a propos, what with you being a teacher and whatnot. I've seen some really cute things done with pumpkins and table numbers, too. Some mulled wine and hot cider.. Barn reception with a bonfire and s'mores.. Ooh la la.