Monday, February 15, 2010

I know. I know.

Yep, it's official. I'm terrible.

But, ok, so I know that and I could totally tell you all about my new job back in alternative ed and whine about how busy I am, but you're here for wedding stuff, and by gum you're going to get it!

Boy and I are full steam ahead. Once I get a whole lot of time, I'll do a little feature on each of the fan-frickin-tastic vendors we've selected. ooooh and my dress. I really like my dress. For now, you get links.

Our photographer: Bob Lambert
Our florist: Daniel Vaughn (you need to use internet explorer to see his photo albums)
Our DJ: Nittany Entertainment

They all do so many awesome things that I can't even enumerate all of them here with weeks and weeks and weeks of time. So check out their websites!

We went up to the Penn Stater a couple of weekends ago for a wedding expo, which was very helpful. We had a minor stress/freak-out over the state of the courtyard where we are going to be married. It seemed like it was way too small to fit the maybe 200 people who are going to be at our wedding. But then we went downstairs and were able to calm down and visualize how things are going to be.

And holy crap.

I realized it was real a while ago. I mean, the getting married part. You guys all know we've been living in sin for almost 4 years now. Those of you who know us in real life know how we are around each other. So when we were at the place where we are going to be married and we hugged and imagined how it would look, that was huge. And very cool.

We are going to meet with Eric, our new officiant, this Wednesday. We were planning on having Boy's brother do the ceremony, which would have been awesome, but his church simply would not allow it. I'm trying to keep my feelings about that polite and in general check. It's going.... ok. So I will keep you guys posted.

And that's all, for now :) More. I promise. Like invitations! And what the heck is in my head when I think about flowers! And... so much other wedding stuff.