Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sigh

I don't know, maybe it's a sigh of relief. It's definitely a sigh.

Things are starting to calm down again, and I'm getting very excited for Thanksgiving. It will be the first break that we have had from school, because my district spent most of September on strike.

Yep. If you live in the Philly area- you know my school district now.

I haven't blogged about it because it's still going on. We're in a "work to rule" strike that entails no clubs, no staying late, and no extra work. Basically, that means no fun stuff. And it meant that I couldn't do yearbook or the fall play.

So I've been working. A lot. I spend almost every night at my part time job. It's still teaching, but it's for a tutoring company. I originally got the job after my alternative school teaching position didn't work out (lack of funding), but a year and half later, I'm still there.

It's too much. And tonight I'll be there until around 10:30, which will mean about 15 hours of work today.


This board is an attempt to relieve this stress and help me through until Thanksgiving:

A tall order for one little bluebird!


Crystal said...

Ooo! Delicious! I actually want to eat this one. That's weird. But good. :)

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