Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Craftiness

I consider myself moderately crafty.

I can make greeting cards when pushed, own a bone folder, knit, and darn the holes and tears in Boy's clothing/hockey gear on a daily basis. So I am totally stoked about making my own wedding paper products.

Doing the actual invitations (which will be in the 150-250 range) will be a nightmare, so I'll probably end up ordering fantastic pocketfolds (hells yes I'll have pocketfolds! Even if I have to make them myself!) after extensive research. The STDs (hehe) will probably fall under the heading of a summer project, which will be perfect for this girl, who gets her summers off.

It's like, the only perk of being a teacher. Well, that and the awesome kids! Have I mentioned recently how much I adore my job?

But the first project I'll focus on are letters on custom stationery, inviting my best girls to be bridesmaids. I'll probably whip up a few much simpler notecards for Boy to send as well.

Totally inspired by the crafty Miss Snapdragon over at weddingbee, I've fallen in love with heat embossing. Here are some links on how its done:

Snappy's post on weddingbee
Embossing on Vellium- using your computer!

I am planning on lots of DIY to help save money and involve as many important "family" members as possible (I'm including close friends in "family"). I love the idea of saying "Oh, you like the programs? They were hand sewn by Becky, the fantastic MOH!"

Because, really, a wedding is about love.



Elizabeth said...

Haha! I am already making a mental list of who gets (forced) to be a treasured part of the wedding (as slave labor). And my mom's scrapbooking group (and all of their nifty tools) are definitely on my list of helpers! They get together every month anyway - why wouldn't they want to round my corners, emboss my notes, and cricut my cutouts!?

It's on honor, really.

Crystal said...

Ha! Good luck to ye! Invitations were way down on my list of priorities, and I'm not very crafty, but I'll offer as much help as I'm able! I'm much more useful with a computer, though..