Friday, November 14, 2008


That's me!

It's Friday, and I had my long day yesterday, so I'm getting caught up on that grading I had been procrastinating on. The kids are in good spirits today, so I'm happy as well.

Let me take a quick aside to note how much I love my job. I am lucky beyond words to be 24, doing what I have dreamed of doing since I was a little girl, and living with Boy.

That said, I'm being a slacker on the boarding today because all I can think of is my wedding party and how I want to let these girls know that I want them to be my girls.

Also, engagement parties.

And cake.

And rings.

And kittens, apparently.

So not focused, at all. Who knows- maybe this eclectic state of mind will bring about an awesome board later. For now, you can do what I've been doing all day- scrolling down and cooing when I look at yesterday's board.

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