Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonus: Down the rabbit hole

I feel so much better. Still not calm, in a state of constant excitement, but ok with it. So here's another board!

A mad tea party! Hehe, I love it. Alice is one of my very favorite pairs of books, and I think a tea party wedding would be tremendous fun! I especially like the concept of these party dresses for the maids. They are all so different, yet still the same shape. This could easily be done by anyone with a seamstress friend, and it would be a great way to keep a unified theme without having paper-doll maids. How do the boys express themselves then? With hats, of course!

Silly, silly. Who's ready for the lobster quadrille?


Engaged and Enraged said...

hey - love the alice and wonderland idea. actually, ashlee simpson and pete wentz used it recently i think. they did a "dark" version - but i like the idea of keeping it lighter with more whimsy like you're showing here...(but they did have adorable little shot glasses that said "drink me")

Sezzy said...

The shot glass idea is great, but I don't like the darker theme for Alice. I totally didn't know they did an Alice reception! I'm not really a fan of either of them, but I appreciate the use of lit! :)

Crystal said...

I love those bridesmaids dresses! Can I have the black one? It would be the only excuse I'd ever have in my life to wear adorable little black lace glovelets like Madonna circa "Like a Virgin." Ha! I don't even know if you like that idea, but in your fictional Alice-themed wedding, I'm being fictionally bossy and wearing Madonna glovelets. So there. :)

Sezzy said...

Haha, you totally can. I couldn't find a red one for jo, and I figured that Becky would wear the cream and green. I ADORE the party dresses as bridesmaid dresses and am liking this whole concept more and more by the minute :)/