Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working Backwards

I'm procrastinating on grading. I know, it's bad.

I was a little back and forth with my inspiration when I started this board. I have a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head that aren't fully ready yet, so I have a couple of boards started. I decided on a clean slate for this one, and chose the dress first.

Apparently, it's a garden wedding. I just imagined what song would go with the dress and what mood the girl who wore her (not Madame Sourpuss) would be in on her wedding day. I decided on light and airy with "Kissing You" from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack- an instrumental version.

A word on the anemones: I love anemones, but I usually shy away from using them in boards because of the flower hell that my favorite newlywed went through with her beloved anemones. It seems as though she has a love of them that rivals my love of peonies, and she designed her whole wedding around a beautiful red anemone. Unfortunately, bad news from her florist replaced her anemones with impostors (I think they were dahlias). They were lovely in their own right, but they weren't anemones. If I was Crys, I would have lost it. We're talking full-fledged drama. But she was awesome.

What do you do if you build a theme around a flower and weather, the economy, or a tragic lack of awesome prevents it from featuring in your day?


Crystal said...

I do love this dress! It's a neat twist on an empire waistline.. Still tucking under the boobies, but not a straight line across like you see more often than not. And the lavender and grey? Perfectly balance of romantic, whimsical, and cool. Well done!

Um, yeah. The anemone debacle. There's not much to say about it except that no amount of fussing about it would have made the flowers appear at my wedding, so whatcha gonna do, ya know? It still sucks, and I still wonder what my bouquet would have looked like, but I was pretty happy with the alternative solution we came up with. :) They were actually zinnias, btw. They came out to be cheaper than dahlias, but they pretty much look identical..

I think this is one of my top three boards of yours so far, too!

Sezzy said...

Thanks :)

I love lavender and gray together, and I also love the scent of lavender (as evidenced my by obsession with the soap at outback). Also, I just want to completely steal the place setting that's in that board.