Monday, November 24, 2008


Right now I'm heavily leaning towards a black and white wedding with pops of color. This would mean black bridesmaid's dresses, which can be stunning and easy on the ladies. I love the idea of going shopping with each girl for her perfect dress.

Let's be honest, I love the idea of going shopping. Spending time with the girls is essential icing on an already decadent cake! I think that right now this is the part of planning that I am the most looking forward to, although that could be partially do to the fact that I haven't seen my two other halves (yes I know that makes me a 1 and 1/2 person... 2 whole people once you add Boy) in far too long.

I digress. My favorite accent colors right now are...

Sky Blue:
1. IMG_3550, 2. Doggie Paddle, 3. Doodling in the sky 2, 4. Untitled

Apple Green:
Yes. I think salamanders are cute. Wanna fight about it?

1. green in white, 2. Halogen Samba, 3. CYP0015759, 4. Red Backed Salamander

and Tangerine:

1. Golden Poppies, 2. The Blizzard of '05, 3. Fork Tailed Bush Katydid, 4. Floral Patterns IV

The pops of color would be in small touches, like ribbon on candles, napkins, programs (specifically: apple green programs with sky blue/tangerine sewn binding), and maid's jewelery.

By the way- the word "jewelery" always seems like it has too many "e's" in it. Now that I'm thinking of it, that's probably because I insist on pronouncing it "jewl-ry" with two syllables instead of "jewl-er-ry" with three. Phonics is Fun tells us that two syllables means two vowells, right Casey?

...anyway. Clearly I can't focus today. Oh well!

Here's what it looks like all together:

1. Just your typical SoCal sunset, 2. precipice, 3. Reach for the Sky!!!, 4. My Heart, 5. lines in the sky, 6. Fantasy I, 7. F1150021.JPG, 8. Siberian (?!) cat :), 9. light3, 10. Mexican Heat, 11. Up And Down, 12. The Church in Twilight

What do you think?

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Crystal said...

Hm. I like it. The black makes the other colors pop, and white is an unavoidable color palette choice in a wedding. I like the tangerine the best, though. :)