Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Wedding Dresses

I'd like to say that I love the idea of being a red dress bride. I certainly admire all of them, they look fantastic, confident, and no-nonsense.

Unfortunately, the thought of me actually doing this makes me a bit dizzy.

When I imagine my own dress- I think uber traditional. Corset top. Strapless. Pouf. Lots and lots of crinoline. Maybe, just maybe, a hoop skirt.

Oh wow. That would be fun.

It takes me back to my very few times on stage, mostly during a summer production of Jekyll and Hyde, when during a particularly awkward costume change my ex-boyfriend's mother had to quickly (and painfully) lace me into a corset top so that I could go from maid in the Jekyll mansion to bar girl in under a minute.

And, to be honest, this dress has everything like that I would want- aside from it being red. A delicious shade of red that looks like red velvet cake. (Groom's cake? A tier of wedding cake? Oh, we'll get into cake.)

See, it's mildly gothic, more like dark romantic. Again, the white background is brightening here, but trust me it looked horrific with the black background. Think of it set in the center of a garden, with old statues. Think of the waltzing. I love the gloves, as well as the maid's dress. I wish it came in pure black.

Oh, and to clarify, the bride gets the long lace sleeves and the maids get the smaller lace gloves.

A dark Christmas, maybe? Either way it's a twisty, ironic occasion. I admire it, I love it (especially those shoes), but I do not have the ::ahem:: balls to do it.

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Crystal said...

Heehee! My little glovies!! I love it! Red dresses are so stunning, but I don't think I would be able to pull it off, either. Love the cake topper here, too.