Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm too sexy for my wedding

We've established that I'm not cool. In fact, I revel in my dorkiness on a nearly constant basis. However, there are some days that I wish I was cool enough to pull off a slick wedding. A truely haute occasion on which I would wow friends and family with a shocking amount of style, panache, and chrome.

Until I tripped on my stilletos and fell into the cake.

Sigh. Fun to imagine though, right?

Black bridesmaid dresses are certainly slick, and also really kind. There are uber-reusable, as every girl needs a faithful LBD. I would have to go bridezilla though, and insist that each maid purchase a new dress so that there was none of that icky faded black color that you can sometimes get after repeated washes. There are also no conceivable places for peonies at this wedding, which presents a problem.

I think one of the key things to consider when planning is making your wedding a refection of you and your partner. Sure, this wedding would be fun to plan, but it wouldn't be mine.


Crystal said...

It IS pretty, though. I'm particularly fond of that one-shoulder black number. It looks a little similar to my prom dress..

Sezzy said...

I like that it's sparkly in the middle. I feel like bridesmaids deserve some bling :)