Sunday, November 2, 2008

Destination Wedding?

A few years ago, Boy and I took a trip to Hawaii. While we would both love to go back for a destination wedding, we realize the reasons this is impractical.

So why not bring the destination to us?

My favorite spot on Oahu was Hanauma Bay. When we were there, we went snorkeling and were able to swim alongside baby sea turtles! It was a life-changing experience, so I'd love to make it a part of our wedding in a small way. I love the turtle charm for that. A charm can be worn as a necklace or sewn just about anywhere for a more discreet touch.

I'm also coming back to non-monochromatic bridesmaid dresses. I love the different shades of blue here, mimicking the shades of blue of the water in Hanauma Bay. It gives the bridesmaids the opportunity to be individually beautiful, and it could be unified with shoes and a hairpiece.

What do you think? Is it relaxing? How could you bring a vacation feel to a wedding that's closer to home?


Crystal said...

Mmmm. Dreamy.

Anonymous said...

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