Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scarborough Fair

My apologies for not posting yesterday. I am attempting to create and maintain calm... and making a board yesterday just was not part of that plan. Usually I am incredibly grateful for all of you and the ability to get my wedding crazy out by boarding. Trust me, Boy is grateful as well!

But it's very difficult to stay... relaxed. I am not a relaxed person. If you see me on a couch for longer than 30 minutes (and there isn't a program on that I'm watching), I'm probably asleep. When there is something exciting on the horizon, I get wound up.

I am terrible at holding onto Christmas and birthday presents, I throw surprise parties with very little provocation, and when I'm going to see extended family or friends, I literally bounce up and down all week.

So, Thanksgiving. Friends will be home, family will be abundant. And this year promises no stress with Boy! Usually we have a few weeks of minor skirmishes leading up to Turkey day because we have to make the inevitable decision of his family or mine. For the past 2 years, we did both, but someone always got shortchanged. Not this year! Our families are eating at different times, so we'll be able to do both without issue.

Which, for some reason, led me to get "Scarborough Fair" stuck in my head:

I love the design of this bridesmaid dress, and I like the color with the rest of the palate, but I'm not sure about its re-wearability. Also loving the pear-shaped ring that goes with this relaxed garden bride. My favorite touch, the Warhol watch groomsman gift. It has the sage with that fantastic pop of orange that could be mirrored in the bride's bright bouquet. All could be had in a field of poppies, which you can't pick to put in a bouquet (at least in the state of California, which I am mad at for other reasons).

So yeah, the calm. It's not going so well. While I will keep trying to channel this imaginary bride's calm... I can't wait until Thanksgiving!

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Crystal said...

Too too pretty! I love the sage and orange. There's really not enough orange used in the world. :)