Friday, November 21, 2008

Network TV

Sad news today from the blogosphere and beyond. ABC is not ordering more episodes of Pushing Daises (or Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone). Meanwhile, Heroes is getting progressively worse without the awesomeness of Brian Fuller, who originally left the show to create Daises.

The slight silver lining is that this means that Fuller can return to Heroes, but I preferred Daises.

I know, this is a blog about weddings, but it's also about me and Boy. And our awesome friends. Our love of the cult hit is what really brought us together. We mocked the mainstream horror flick we saw on our first date, went to midnight showings of our favorite comic book adaptations, and refused to let anyone in our basement who cannot correctly identify a movie quote on our wall "art". (It's Pulp Fiction.)

So in honor of Dead Like Me, Sports Night, Wonderfalls, and the almighty Rocky Horror, I repost my Pushing Daises board. It is still one of my favorites:

The skinny tie is a definite keeper.


Elizabeth said...

"ABC is not ordering more episodes of Pushing Daises (or Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone)."

You just ruined my day.

Sezzy said...

Don't flame the messenger... blame ABC.

Crystal said...

Well, it got more episodes than Wonderfalls. You should check that out while you're mourning. It's adorable in the same way Pushing Daisies is, and it's got some Piemaker in it as well..

Tis a sad day for TV.

Sezzy said...

I know... I remember Nick's pain over Wonderfalls- I don't think I've ever seen him so emotional... aside from at your wedding :)