Monday, November 17, 2008

Distract me, please!

Since my usual blogs weren't full of updates this morning, I had to go searching for something to be distracted by. After very little digging, I came up with this very basic site, which features proposal stories. Definitely distracting, although not so much helpful in my current state of mind.

So, onto Polyvore I went, without much inspiration already. I guess I'm longing for the summer, which Boy and I usually spend partially down the shore (Philly speak for "at the beach, usually in New Jersey") with friends and family. I miss the people, beverages, and sun that make those weeks so special. As much as I don't think I'd be able to find a venue without drop ceilings in Ocean City, New Jersey (or all of southern New Jersey, for that matter)... I think that it would be fun and incredibly special to be married down there:

Wouldn't it be nice if this wedding also came with the hunk? I searched, but I couldn't find the black linen pants I wanted the groomsmen to wear sans shirtless hottie. OK... to be honest I didn't search that carefully. But can you blame me?

Distraction achieved!


Elizabeth said...

Oooh. What kind of flowers are those? I normalley tend toward large blooms, but I really like these.

Sezzy said...

Lily of the Valley- I love them too!

Crystal said...

You and your dropped ceilings. :) I totally understand the repulsion, but that's so not something I would have thought to be repulsed by. Heh.