Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maid #1: Tangerine

So I have this idea- why not give one of my colors to each BM? The MOH could take white (she has a great set of pearls already) and each other BM can choose her color. The accessories, chosen from Etsy natch, would be of their signature color... maybe even a flower in the hair or a bouquet ribbon?

I am so totally excited by this idea. While the black dresses unifies them- my (prospective) girls are all very different. Hmm. Mayhaps I will need more colors, or we can double some girls up. I'm thinking of 5 specific girls as mine own. Three are obvious shoe-ins, two are less so but could probably be deduced.

Well, at least I know who Miss Tangerine would be:

Obviously, she could choose her own dress. Ahhhnnd accessories. But since I'm obsessed with bridesmaids at the moment, I've completely planned out her outfit, including a dress that may or may not actually look good on her. TaDa!


Jo said...

Okay I meant to comment on this post but accidently posted to the one below. You'll figure it out.

Crystal said...

I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! And if Ms. Tangerine is who I think she is, then she likes this dress, too. Whether or not it would look good one her (although she suspects that it would.) Playing with color is always fun!