Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Idie rock waltzing

"Do you belong
to a song
does it drag you along by your tongue
at the top of your lungs?"
- The Matches, "Salty Eyes"

Boy and I both love music, and fortunately we agree most of the time about which music is good. Last weekend, we went to see some good down at the Trocadero in Philly. One of our favorite little up and coming bands, The Matches, was opening up for Bayside.

We took Boy's little bro, who is under 21, so we had to be on the floor. I hate being touched, and I think I realize why now- at a rock show you are smushed up against at least 8 people you don't know. And since I'm short, I'm smushed into their armpits. Gross.

Add to that the fact that the median age on the floor is somewhere around 15, it is most certainly not a place I want to be. The last thing I want is to throw an elbow at some little brat and realize it's a student. Not good. (It's impossible not to throw elbows if you want to be able to breathe)

That said, I love the song "Salty Eyes," and they played it. As they were playing, I imagined the wedding that would use this as their first dance:

Incidentally, I started this board with a Labyrinth theme, and it still has that feel to it. To me, it's romantic and a little bit twisty. I'm not sure how the maid's dresses would actually look on though. They would either be stunning or awful.

For those of you playing the home version of our game, this is the second post I've done using a song by The Matches as inspiration. (The other was the Edward and Bella board) If you missed out on giving them a listen the first time, don't let them pass you by again!


Crystal said...

This is beautiful! You're right, I don't know about that bridesmaid dress, but I love that dreamy forest scene. And the dress! I couldn't pull it off, but if I could.. Whoa.

(BTW - I like your conflict type slides in Polyvore..) :D

Sezzy said...

hehe, yeah I've started using Polyvore for teaching stuff, which works great! The kids responded really well to the conflict packet I made using those slides!