Thursday, January 29, 2009

Style. I has it?

Maybe not. But I do love this whole inspiration board thing.

I've been toying with my color scheme for a little while now, trying to find what works with our style and the mood we want to set for our wedding.

Our mood?: still fluid, but it's coming together like formal fun, traditional with a twist. I'd love to see everyone all decked out, but still sipping on their drinks and dancing it out. And since it is looking more and more like we're having a 4th of July weekend college town bash, there is going to need to be some laid back fun in there.

One of the things we have been most focused and clear on is our music. Boy and I fell in love through a series of concerts and shared cds, so music is a big part of our life together. It will factor huge in our day.

So, duh... all I needed to do was put on the song we'll be doing our first dance to and pull things that went with it.

Could it be?

It's not perfect, but it's a good start. I'm loving the colors now. Black with heather gray, then accents of teal and lighter shades of blue down to ice blue. I love it. To me, it's simple but still playful and has a bit of the indie rock sensibility of my purple and black board from back in the early days.


Zac said...

I feel, looking at this, that I have won.

Mon said...

You would be following the holiday wedding tradition!

Jo said...

So has the date officially been decided?!!