Monday, January 12, 2009

Venue Hunting

Boy and I's first duty is to choose a venue. Even though we won't be using it for a year and a half. Apparently there is logic there.

Anyway. A-searching we shall go. If we plan on a State College affair, we have five options. Three of those options are palatable, the others... not so much. Remember how much I thought I would hate drop ceilings? I was wrong. I utterly loathe and dispise them. Just seeing them in a banquet hall makes me think of getting married in someone's basement. Ew.

Option 1: The Nittany Lion Inn

Upshot: I worked here when I was in college, so I know the place in and out. I know what it looks like set up for a wedding in each of the rooms and what all of the food tastes like. (omg coconut chicken) I also know for absolute certain that they can prepare a yummy vegan meal, which is important because two of Boy and I's favorite VIPs are vegan.

Downside: The price is a little steep if you want to do a seated dinner with a combination platter. I also worry about having a cookie cutter PSU wedding...

Option 2: The Penn Stater

Upshot: Less expensive than the Nittany Lion Inn with roughly the same menu. There are also many more guest rooms here than at the Inn.

Downside: This is farther from downtown, so you'd either have to drive or bus it here. (I am kind of excited about CATA bus surfing in a wedding dress... but that's just me) Also, the Thon banquet I attended here reminded me of my Junior Prom at the Fort Washington Expo Center (giant warehouse like place).

Option 3: Toftrees

Upshot: It's beautiful. They have lots of outdoor areas, and there is a pretty golf course. The rooms are lovely and it's a great setting for a country club wedding.

Downside: It's expensive, and they have fewer options. It's also not as integrated with the campus and downtown areas, so it doesn't have as much of an authentic feel.

So that's what there is in State College. What do you guys think?

Up next: What about a down-home wedding in the Philly 'Burbs?


Crystal said...

Hm. Well, I worked at the Penn Stater, although it was only in the gift/book shop. It really is a lovely place! I would say that the Nittany Lion Inn is your best bet, and don't worry about a cookie-cutter wedding. None of us have ever seen a PSU wedding, so no one would know it was cookie-cutter. But you probably didn't want to hear that. There's really nothing else out there for State College?

Sezzy said...

Not on the internet at least. We're leaning strongly toward the NLI at this point, but it's early.

Crystal said...

Did you look at the Atherton Hotel? It's just a ballroom like NLI but it's still pretty. Nick had a yearbook thing there once and it was gorgeous. Might be tres expensive, though...

Sezzy said...

I don't think it would be that expensive... but I went to a couple of formals there and I don't want my wedding to remind me of my sorority days (not that I did anything bad).