Friday, January 16, 2009

What's in a date?

Honestly? I'm a bit frustrated. And I know I'm being silly and it's early.

We're having some issues pinning down a date.

When I was pre-planning, I set my heart on a wedding in June of 2010. I had reasons, like 2010 is a great year and we'll be the perfect age, the weather in June is nice but not too hot, and any earlier would be during the school year which would = major headache.

So now that it's looking like the two available weekends in the second half of June (any earlier and I might be in school) are a no-go I'm a bit sad about it. Not full on temper tantrum sad; more like slightly sulking, as if someone just ate my last french fry (I'm looking at you, Boy).

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe this is a good thing? It feels like letting go of the wedding that I pre-planned for one that is about Boy and I now.

One that maybe involves some fireworks.

And that could be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sezzy-

Again Congrats! Let this old newlywed know if I can be helpful :) The BM dress that I was talking about this morning....

Black with just a touch of an accent color :)

See you around the shop....

nittanysam said...

Ooh, thanks!