Monday, January 26, 2009


I have found that breathing is really the key to surviving wedding planning.

The date that I wanted is impossible? Breathe and replan.

I need another bridesmaid? Breathe and call Liz. (who is awesome. Welcome!)

My ring needs to be resized and will take no longer than a week, but it's Monday and I still don't have my ring?


Breathe and be calm.

I love my ring. I am not a girl who dwells on material things, or at least I try not to. I get all of the background of diamonds. I know where they come from. I know that, even though Boy purchased my ring from a beloved family friend, that it ultimately still supports the dreaded Wedding Industrial Complex and everything evil on theknot.

But I love my ring.

Boy designed it. He picked out the center stone. He did this all on his own. He spent hours looking and thinking about what I would like.

So yes, even though I know that I am engaged even without the ring, I miss it.

It's a thing. A material thing. And I know that I'm being stupid about it, but here I am sitting at my desk, trying disparately to avoid shoving another thin mint in my mouth, ready to cry.

So I guess I'm a gollum. Damn. I've never been good at riddles.


schiver said...

I'll call today about the ring. BTW... why are you hoarding those girl scout cookies? Do you have other kinds other than thin mints? If so, bring that ish home!

Mon said...

mine's still too big. they jewleler dude said it was fine, so oh well. I feel naked when I take it off at this point (which I barely ever do). It will have to get re-plated in May though, before our day.

Mon said...

JEWELER. dear god i had so much trouble trying to type that word correctly just now.

Sezzy said...

Don't worry, I do the same thing with jewelery- all the "e"'s really mess me up. Haha.