Monday, January 19, 2009

The girls

So after finally getting in touch with all five of them (a bit difficult when one decides to go gallivanting off to Israel), I officially have bridesmaids!

And let me just tell you, these girls are the cream of the crop. Awesomeness in true form. I would settle for nothing less!

Bridesmaid B: Becky, MOH and adorable little sister, whose phone no longer vibrates because she spilled Jager on it.

Bridesmaid C: Recent bride and bringer of all things geek chic, who never spills a drink... nope...

Bridesmaid J: Kick ass law student, long time bff, who rocks a style I could never pull off and helps me justify my crazy

Bridesmaid M: Vegan goddess, caretaker of the Hags, and loving kitty mommy who is planning her own awesome affair for this spring

Bridesmaid CFD: Fellow English teacher, who votes in the Olympics, saves adorable little Asian boys from evil Canadians, and helps us drink our beer

Ok bridal minions, the next step is up to you. What should I call these girls on this "anonymous" blog? Anyone have a preference for their own nicknames?


Crystal said...

Eh. Sorry. I'll be commenting with my Google account.. the one with my name all over it, so.. I guess if I must have a nickname, C is fine? :) Why "anonymous" anyway?

Sezzy said...

You don't have to have a nickname- but I do. Part of this whole teacher thing is keeping my personal life personal. I am very conscious of where my name appears on the intertubes :)

Crystal said...

Oh right. That must be annoying. :)

Crystal is fine for me then!

Mon said...

Mon works I guess.

Jo said...

I can go by Jo.