Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome, welcome!

Back, that is. Thanks for returning after my break.

It was nice to even set aside the blogs and chill for a week to focus on what really matters: friends, family, and fantastic NYE parties.

Remember, I was very excited for this occasion. It did not disappoint.

Christmas though, came first, and netted me a fantastic little pink digital camera. It came with an equally fantastic and equally pink printer, and the purchase of the set gave a tiny amount of money to breast cancer research, so that was a very thoughtful move on Boy's part.

And, to be honest, I thought that I would be crushed and sulk if I didn't get my ring on Christmas, but I wasn't. And I didn't.

I'm not sure why.

So NYE came and I was stoked. Our friends were in town and we made buckets of delicious food. The hit of the evening was Boy's hash brown casserole. All was well, until Boy called me upstairs about ten minutes before midnight. And then all was... perfect.

The joining of my previous favorite present and my Favorite Present Ever: the Precious.

I called Becky, my fantastic sister, upstairs and immediately crowned her supreme Maid of Honor before Boy and I left our dream world into the cheering, jumping, and toasting group of most of our closest friends.

I called family, which DaddySez assures me was hilarious because I was having trouble stringing together my words to make sentences happen. These calls included Aunt Spikey (not a BlogMoniker, this is what we actually call her. Trust me, she's exactly as awesome as she sounds.) , who told me to make sure I told Eric, "Welcome, welcome."

And a true "welcome, welcome" to you as well.

Thanks for being with me thus far. For reading when I pre-planned and imagined. I humbly beg you to stick around, because I'm going to need some serious help with this. Help that involves martinis. And a fantastic planning binder that I've already purchased.

Because right now all I can do is stare at Boy, stare at the Precious, and grin.

More precious shots and photos of the engagement for those interested will be kept on our Picasa site.


Elizabeth said...

Yay!!! We're engagement twins!!!!!

Crystal said...


:) You know how excited I am for you! Call me when you're ready to go dress shopping. I must be there. :)