Thursday, January 8, 2009

Narrowing down our style

The poll is currently in a four way tie, which I actually love because it speaks to more of what I was planning to do, which is merge!

There are many things still in the air, so right now I only have things that I like. As I narrow them down, I'll bring together a cohesive board.

But until then :)
Centerpiece Love: Hydrangeas in square containers, although there seem to be way too many wine glasses in this picture. I guess one is for water?

Bouquet Love: Simple. Clean. Classic. Perhaps with brightly colored ribbon around the holdy-thingy (handle? Somehow that doesn't sound right.)

Bridesmaid Love: I've already talked about my desire for black maid's dresses, and these are stunning.

Sigh... this wedding planning thing is fun :)


schiver said...

I just broke the tie... #5 it is!!

Zac said...

You know what would go great with that black? TEAL, dammit.

Crys said...

Those hydrangea centerpieces are so pretty! Actually, we just put silk hydrangeas into the vase you got us from Crate and Barrel, and I might say they look very nice. :)

Also.. I personally like the teal the best, but I think board #5 just says "Sarah" (and Eric.. heh.) to me more..

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to remind y'all that if you did nto pick #6, you got it wrong, sry.