Monday, January 5, 2009

"Best Wishes"

I had no idea about the whole "congratulations" versus "best wishes" thing and needed to have it explained to me. (Apparently you say "best wishes" to the bride because saying "congratulations" implies she achieved something... like landing a fantastic boy.)

Some Bride I turn out to be.

But so it begins. All of this imagining has left me with, as I predicted, no actual idea of what I want our wedding to look like. We have decided on a few particulars so far:
  • June 2010
  • Either State College or Philadelphia area (already a point of minor contention)
  • rough budget- although we have honestly no idea how much weddings cost... please help!!!
  • Online bits such as our photos and our wedding party wiki
  • we will have groomsmen AND ushers, which has confused my dad, but I assure you makes sense to us.
But it feels like so many big things are still undecided, and that is making me nervous. Which is crazy.

I am well aware.

So, I need you. I am going to post my top five favorite boards (in no particular order). Please vote for your favorite one! (clicking an image will take you to the original post)

1. The very first
2. Teal Awesomeness

3. Peonies

4. Bright and sunny5. Our Song

6. Green Gardens
7. Elegant Eggplant
Yeah. I know, that was seven, not five. I have a couple of favorites- but I want to know yours! Check the side navigation for the poll and feel free to leave your reasons in the comments.


Zac said...

I voted for 2, but only because it is clearly the best; 6 and 7 are nice too. :)

Crystal said...

I think the two blue and green boards are the best, but I went with #5 because I think that dress would look better on you. The teal one would be the runner-up, though. Teal is definitely awesome.

Crystal said...

Oh yeah. And.. I'm never afraid to talk about money, so if there's ever anything you want to ask, don't feel like it's rude or something. That's all. :)