Monday, April 20, 2009


It's a dangerous thing. It tempts you, lures you, bates you with its undeniable awesomitude. Also, it sparkles more than vampires.

Etsy, I need you.

I purchased the awesome first part of my bridesmaids' asking gift from a great seller on Etsy. I've found a great many sweet little birthday presents for some of my geekier friends. And now...

I'm obsessed.

Who knew there could be so many cute lovlies to be found for weddings?

These adorable bouquet charms aren't even something I had thought about before, and now I must have them. They're custom made by seller cherrycreekcharms who has much more cuteness in her shop.

These lego cufflinks tie nicely back to an early event we will be having for our groomsmen and are adorable! They come from seller qacreate who speacializes in steampunk, but also has these epic D&D cufflinks, which I may have to force one of the boys to wear!

You already know about my love for the fragile Gardenia, so this beautiful clay hair flower is a great option. Check out the other things that the very talented midoridesigns can do with clay flowers!

I'm not a feather girl, but portobello does beautiful work. Her designs are one of a kind, and she's currently taking custom orders!

Sigh... If I had a million dollars... (continues on singing the Barenaked Ladies)


Cheap Wife said...

Those charms...and lego cufflinks are so cool! I am tempted on daily basis and it's a bad, bad thing! let me run off and check out those cufflinks tee-hee-hee

Crys said...

Those bouquet charms are adorable! And way easier than trying to tie on a locket with dental floss and stud earrings, right? ;)