Monday, April 13, 2009

Prince Charming

Yes, I'm a slacker. I'd love to say that I have a good excuse... but I don't.

Moving on, then.

I can't truly tackle fairy tale weddings without hitting Cinderella, the queen of all ball gown wearers. Somewhere inside every bride is a little girl wishing for her fairy godmother to make her the perfect dress out of magic, and a carriage out of a pumpkin. Right?

Whatever. That little girl part of me would love to force my bridesmaids to wear ball gowns and throw a white tie wedding. With waltzing. And fireworks. At a castle.

See, I'm not a roleplayer... but I can see why people do it.

When the clock strikes twelve

It would be uncomfortable, but beautiful.

And what about our deconstructed Cinderella, Ever After? More to come...

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Crys said...

Hey, sometimes when you're forced to, people can have a really good time getting all dresses up. I think people secretly like having a good reason to get dolled up. Remember how happy the boys were to have matching socks? Who would've thought that?? And I do remember everyone having a really good time at your 21st B-day party. :)