Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, it's embarrasing.

When I was in second grade, I sang my very favorite song all the time. That included getting up during an assembly in front of my whole school and belting it out as loud as my little lungs could manage.

I was of course, made fun of mercilessly. But that didn't matter, because I was (of course) a mermaid trapped in a human's body by Ursula, the evil sea witch/octopus.

I was obsessed.

The second grade me would squee with delight if I had a Little Mermaid wedding. She would imagine fish in vases on every table, maybe even the venue at the fantastic Adventure Aquarium ballroom (in front of a gi-hugic fish tank, no less), and a steel drum band.

The grown up me came up with this:

(sings) Part of your... world!!

Orchids, orchids everywhere for what is clearly a destination wedding! Bright colors, smiles, tans, and a kicky short wedding dress (oh how I want one...) keep this affair light and fun, without the need for any steel drums.

The question is, where to have it? What do you guys think?


M said...

I'm glad there are no fish in vases in your grown-up version! I've read so many horror stories coming from using fish as centerpieces. Location? Fiji? I haven't really been anywhere else tropical yet. I liked Fiji! I've seen photos of real beach weddings and they are just lovely!

Crys said...

But what's wrong with steel drum bands?? :) Love that white dress!