Sunday, December 7, 2008

Betcha can't do just one

My bestest reader and commenter, Crys, challenged me to center more boards around others. So I've decided that she's up first.

Crys is my one and only married friend (who is my age), so long as you don't count her hubby (though I probably should.) Their wedding was beautiful and awesome, and you can see how it really played out by visiting her blog: A Bayside Affair. I wouldn't change a moment of it, because the whole time I kept my eyes on her hubby.

See, aside from "Tim" and "Drunky McGambling problem," his two alter egos who come out depending on how much delicious Massachusetts vodka drinks he's had, Nick is a kind of reserved guy. He loves his movies, select video games, and cannot make frozen pizza in the microwave. (To be fair, I think the microwave incident was blamed on Tim.)

Not so on his wedding day.

Their photographer, the fantastic Erin Antognoli, won an award for this photo.

Yeah. So re-imagining this day, as Crys puts it, is a tall order. And I want it to be clear that I loved their wedding.

So they won't be getting just one. They'll be getting several. With various themes. This, my favorite winter board, is the first:

I love the branches and the fantastic cream lace. I know Crys hates roses, but they are too much of a lovely contrast to the branches.

This little bluebird is back from an earlier board. I was walking Jack-Jack today, and when he stopped to sniff something I noticed that a nearby tree was full of bluebirds. The simple beauty that they brought was startling, I felt as though I had happened upon a moment of magic.

I always feel much the same about weddings, and I hope that mine comes across that way as well. That all of our guests are witness to moments of simple beauty.

I'm sure that a sense of perspective and fatigue will be banged into my skull once I finally have to start planning.

(Btw: You can see the inspiration for the board as connected with the couple by hovering over it. I alluded to their completely understandable love of lotr in the past as well)


Crystal said...

Ha! Lovely! That dress is OUTSTANDING! And the roses aren't bad when they're not red. :) These cream ones are really pretty, actually. And I love that the BM dresses are just an awesome party dress. Really, really like this board. Hope you found some more inspiration, because I love what you do. :)

Nick said...

Yeah the microwave incident was definitely Tim, and it was actually just reheating delivery pizza, which I think is even more incompetent than being unable to handle frozen pizza. But really, if you put anything on a plastic plate into a microwave for 20 minutes, you'll get the same result.