Monday, December 22, 2008

Country Club

Oh... I don't know.

So Daddy joined a country club this year, and that got me thinking about the idea of a country club wedding. And... I don't know. I think that a big part of me wants to get married at somewhere special, and the banquet hall of anywhere doesn't strike me as special.

But... wouldn't it be a delicious location to do traditional with a twist?

I love red and aqua right now- very dramatic. I think that it's perfect for a January/February affair, because you're ushering in the spring with the Robin's Egg/Tiffany box blue.

For once, when designing this wedding I paid attention to the model and her expression. She is so rocking this short dress, and she has a bit of a pampered prep school look to her. So I choose designer attire to match, complete with that fantastic Tacori ring.


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Anonymous said...

love that Tacori engagement ring! and that red dress/show combo is sizzling for a rehearsal dinner or reception attire change