Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This wedding was posted over on Weddingbee at some point yesterday, and I absolutely love every square inch of it. Clicking the "this wedding" link well get you bunches of pictures as well as the actual wedding budget (!!!), but here are some of my favorite pictures:

All of which got me thinking about what I really want and what I really do not want for my own wedding. I've been having lots of fun pre-planning, but I have a feeling that the time for fun and games is nearly over. In a very good way. So what have I learned?

What I absolutely must have:
Active, happy bridesmaids- think lunches, shopping trips
flowers done by family- bouquet party :)
formal attire... not sure about the black tie yet
unique, lengthy ceremony
our song, as arranged by me
dancing- lots and lots of dancing
excellent photography

What must be kept far away from my wedding:
faux flowers of any sort
drop ceilings
unnecessary bling, gloss, and "wedding necessities"

I solemnly swear:
Not to over-knot
not to make online purchases without first consulting Boy and/or 2 bridesmaids
to shut up when asked to stop talking about wedding stuff

and finally, not to snoop and spoil Boy's surprise.

That last one is a toughie...

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Crystal said...

I think your must have list is very practical. I love the idea of the bouquet party, and I wish I had done it myself, except that I'm not actually that pro-active. The flowers at my wedding could have totally been done myself.. Oh well. Please make sure you order your own bridal bouquet from a florist, though. You don't need to worry about that looking wonky and homemade. Anyways, yes. :) Just yes.