Thursday, December 4, 2008


I love him, really I do.

Yesterday, because he was sick, he washed all of the sheets on the bed, the down comforter, and a down throw that he used while lying on his deathcouch.

He also made cookies :).

Unfortunately, his boy upbringing did not teach him how dryers work (or more appropriately, do NOT work) and he put an entire bed and a half's worth of bedding into the dryer. At once.

The result was a tightly rolled wad of very wet bedding and 45 minutes of waiting after we separated the mound of sopping wet sheets. We finally decided to sleep under an old quilt.

I love him.


uberBrides said...

Hey now!
Some of us are guys, and we don't always know about dryers. I mean, come on, either our moms did our laundry for us, or we saved up a semester's worth and took it to the industrial laundry-mat where the machines there could handle it.

the uberBrides Team

Sezzy said...


I'm definitely not faulting him for his mom's laundry-doing. He usually does it, actually. And his cookies were delicious!