Friday, March 27, 2009

Uh oh

This morning, I got to unwrap my new pack of post-it notes for my pop-up dispenser.

Little known fact #42: Many teachers are obsessed with office supplies

It was an exciting occasion all around. When a student needed a quick note to take home, I jotted his grade down on one of my new teal post-its with the closest pen I could find (read: the one I had stuck in my hair at the moment). And this happened.

Post it epiphany


You see, months ago, when we were still discussing having Matty as our ring bearer, Boy brought up the subject of the color red.

I said something along the lines of "ew! Red and teal? No way!" Red and robin's egg, yes. Adorable. But red and teal? I gently explained that red was not a part of our wedding as I had envisioned it.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I hate being wrong, in fact, we both do. We can't even play Monopoly together anymore because the first (and only) Monopoly match between the two of us ended in a shouting match. Being wrong is like losing.

So I quickly whipped up an inspiration board, substituting red for the old 2nd accent color (silver):

I hate it when he's right

And quickly messaged Boy to admit my defeat.

It's pretty. It's punky. It finally has a touch of the fact that this is a July, summer fun wedding. It has the awesome ability to make me very happy and tear up at the same time.

I wonder if it's too busy... but at the same time, I don't really care.


schiver said...


DCKate said...

Hahaha... not too busy at ALL. I love it. If we were a little more funky and a little less rustic, I'd have been ALL over it. Can't wait to see all the fun ideas you come up with!

Jo said...

Love it. And to be fair you told me in like 9th grade that you were going to have red in your wedding, so you kinda were right/won.

Anonymous said...

oooohhh i likeeeee :)

Crys said...

Very pretty! I'm still diggin the black BM dresses!

Sezzy said...

:) I think that they really make the colors pop

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks awesome. And you would think with the red and teal it would look like fourth of july but it looks so sleek! It is formal and sexy!!-CAsey