Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG, when did you get Engaged?!

By now, most of the people I know well enough to talk to have heard the story of Boy and I's engagement. But for some reason, there are still a few people who need to get the memo.

When they do finally come across me and have sufficiently oogled the precious, they seem to be reading questions off an imaginary list. This list is full of "polite" questions to ask acquaintances who recently became engaged. The funny thing is that I've noticed that most people don't really care about the answers to said questions, they're merely trying to be polite and seem interested. So I think that next time, I'd like to answer them in a silly way.

1. Wow, so when did he propose?
New Year's Eve, on horseback. We were in formal wear, and he had ripped a hole in his tuxedo pants.

2. So have you guys set a date?
Nope, we're going to send out emails about a week before or so, and just see who shows up. We were thinking about doing it next weekend, actually.

3. That seems like fun. What are your colors?
Fuchia and mauve. I think they look so great together! We'll probably use tangerine as an accent color, like for the top hats and parasols.

4. Sounds great. Did you pick a wedding party?
Yup. I was in a sorority, so I'm going to have all of the surviving members in my wedding party. Boy doesn't really have any friends, so his best man is going to be our dog.

5. Haha, yeah sororites are so kitch. Any ideas about the honeymoon?
We want to go somewhere warm and relaxing, so we're thinking Russia. I've always wanted to see the Eifel tower!

Oh you guys are just too cute. You'll have so much fun. My sister went to Barbados for her honeymoon and just loved it. I'll give you the number of her travel agent
Oh, great! Thanks! (groan)


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