Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dye-ing to get hitched

Staring at the mirror after straightening my hair this morning, I had to face facts. I need to start dying my hair.

While other people might not notice the small colony of gray hair that has been forming by my temples, I do. And as a 24 year old, I do not appreciate it.

It took me years to be ok with my natural hair color. I had hated it growing up and kept highlights in it for the longest time. Once I decided I wanted to grow it out,the color had to go. With it, I also gave up trying to fit in. I guess that's corny, but I moved a lot when I was younger, so most of my childhood was spent trying to fit in with wherever I found myself. Giving up my obsessive hair dying was accepting the mousy brown hair I was born with.

Yeah, that's definitely cheesy. But ya'll love me anyway :).

So I want to start experimenting now...

My dream look is something like this. Hair that's still brown with a reddish tint to it.

I'd love to go all red, but I'm nervous about how it will look with my summer skin tone, which is a few shades darker than my current winter pale.

When I was in college, I went mostly blonde. No one told me how awful it looked! While I loved having blonde highlights, I feel like I've grown out of them. They are also very expensive to keep up, and I don't really have the money at the moment.

I've also thought about going really dark, but I feel like I would look sickly in the winter.

I need something that will be fun while still looking professional. It would be better, cost-wise, if said perfect color could be kept up with a box, because I do not have the funds for monthly salon visits!

What do you think?


Jo said...

I would get the opinion of your hair stylist next time you go in for a cut. Just tell them you are thinking of dyeing/highlighting your hair and she/he can give you great suggestions for hair color based on your hair type and skin tone. Then, if you really don't want to get it professionally done, try and find a box color to match (depending on how cool your stylist is she/he might even tell you what brand/color). If you are going to completely dye, you could also invest and have it professionally done and then do touchups to the roots, etc. using a box.

Crys said...

I like the blonde highlights on you! I agree though.. Ask the experts!

M said...

my co-worker found my frst gray hair a few weeks ago... I was distraught. I have not seen any since, but it's falling out, so I'll be bald by my wedding day anyway.

Sezzy said...

Gray hairs make me so upset!

I guess I might have to splurge on the salon, but somehow I just can't justify it....

Anonymous said...

I have a great hair stylist, Lauren, who is not pricey, and does really good work. She is honest and will not do anything drastic right away. I been going to her for a little over a year and i love her. I can give her a picture of exactly what i want and she will do it.