Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Light up my life

One of the first "wedding things" that I fell in love with was the paper lantern.

I found picture after picture of pretty, soft lighting.

I checked out tutorials on how to make them grow with LED throwies, and how to rig up a flameless candle to do the same thing on the cheap and easy.

I longed for them.

And I still do.

The problem? Well, I'm not doing the tent-wedding thing that these lanterns seem to be popular for.

We are in a very large, very basic room. We will get tulling though.... so I think it might be possible to have a group of lanterns at the spots where the tulle connects. It would almost be like a chandelier... :)


Amber said...

I love these as well ... I just can't find a good (cheap) source for the paper lanterns. We are doing tents so I have the need for them, just not sure I have the money. Let me know if you have found a cheap source.

Crys said...

Amber, have you seen Luna Bazaar?