Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Talking it over

As we pulled up to the Penn Stater, we saw a normal looking hotel. MammaSez said that it didn't have as much of a Penn State feel to it, which is true.

And that's when it hit me.

A few months ago I made a PSU wedding inspiration board and I hated it. I did it all out- blue and white color scheme, Penn State location, and I thought I would love it, but I didn't. And now I realize why.

I don't want a Penn State themed wedding.

Getting married at PSU does not mean nittany blue bridesmaids dresses to me. It means that Boy and I want to thank our friends and families for supporting our four year courtship by introducing them to our second home.

The place we met, twice, when the first time didn't sink in. The place we met our other soulmates: our friends, who will stand up with us. (as I tear up)

Our wedding will be about so much more than the reception. It will be about the bar tour taken on the Thursday night with the bridal party and VIPs (You're not getting out of this one, PappaSez). It will be about the little map I've been dreaming up that showcases the hotspots around campus and town. It will be about hanging around our chosen venue/hotel with the people who mean the most to us.


What is, in essence, a conference location makes a perfect spot for our "home base" during wedding weekend. The reception room (Dean's Hall) is huge with very high (semi-drop) ceilings that fade to black with proper lighting.

It's a blank canvas. In the end, that is what made the decision for me. Because we are so far away from the wedding, and I don't know if I'm going to like the same colors or any of that stuff by the time.

I can work with this!

So that's what sold me. Meanwhile, Boy was sold by the guest rooms that he and his awesome groomsmen can lounge in on the day of and PappaSez was sold by all that was included in the price tag. MammaSez? She'll support what we like, which is awesome.

Major decision? No problem. Big ups to Hope, who was really fantastic in showing us around both properties and put up with all of my silly questions. And to Mamma and Pappa, who carted Boy and I up to State College. Oh, and Becky... who can't open doors.

So get ready kiddos. Becuase the weekend of July 3rd, 2010? It's gonna rock.


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I echo Crys. :)

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I also really like that it is on the third day of the seventh month in 2010 because if you add 3 and 7 it equals 10.