Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The big 100

I looked at my blogger dashboard yesterday and noticed my post count. It said 99.

Which would make this my 100th post.

And I wondered, should I do something special? Should I commemorate this auspicious occasion? What can I talk about that is important enough?

And the truth is... nothing.

I'm working on my bridesmaid goodies, which will be given to the girls at our first lunch coming up. But since I know most of my girls read this-- I will not be spilling any secrets here. Just know that etsy rocks. And Michaels. That's all you're getting!

And Boy and I are finally taking some time to relax on the planning. We have our venue and our date, so we don't really have anything to do until we are one year out.

At which point we'll be having a massive party.

Ooh! I'd better get started on the invites for those! I wonder if I should emboss them or just use glitter. I bet I can get a great deal on Vistaprint and do them for cheap. OOh! I should make game cards for the groomsmen vs bridesmaid box race. Should I make t-shirts? What about a video ph? Yeah, I'd better get started on that. And Ooh! What about...

So much for relaxing :)

1 comment:

Nick said...

A box race between the groomsmen and bridesmaids wouldn't even be a race the girls would be so far behind OHSNAP