Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Temptation, thy name is destination wedding.

It would be so romantic! We could go anywhere in the world and create an awesome weekend of events centered around me, Boy, and our friends and family. We could spend our days hiking through rain forest, sunning on the beach, or learning to surf! Think of the pictures we could take... and the colors would be gorgeous.

It is an oh-so-tempting option. I can see why so many brides choose it. When I recently had lunch with a college friend (Acutally, it was a few months ago at this point. Where does the time go?), she gushed about preparing for her Hawaiian wedding. As I felt the slightest tint of jealousy color my face, I thought about what a dream destination wedding might look like:

There are many positives, not the least of which is that my sister hates feet and would be absolutely horrified by barefoot boys.

I'm not completely attached to the concept of getting hitched in a church, so the beach setting would be nice. The attire could be simple, and therefore inexpensive for the guests. There is also quite a lot of understated elegance that could be achieved. I absolutely love the idea of setting the tables for a cocktail hour up on the beach itself. I can just imagine the linen and the breeze creating some fantastic pictures. I know that the beaches on Hawaii are all public, so it would be fairly easy to find the perfect spot.

But... oh so many things. I realize that I shoot down many weddings that would be absolutely lovely. I just cannot imagine carting all of my planning supplies and DIY projects on a plane or (gasp) leaving them to the peril of shipping, nor can I imagine asking friends and relatives to pay for their attendance at my wedding. Again, I know they would never say anything about it, but it could be a hardship, especially in these economic times. And I'm sure that there would be at least a few people who would not be able to make it.

And that is inexcusable, temptation or not.


Crystal said...

Yeah, I think Nick's dad actually offered to pay us extra for the wedding if we would decide to do a destination thing.. Like a bribe or something.. It would be amazing, but intimate, since I think a lot of people wouldn't be able to make it. :( It's a great choice if you don't need a lot of people there to make you happy!

Sarah said...

I've been given the same bribe. I unfortunately, do need a lot of people there :) I can't imagine the day without all of my cousins and friends. After all, the giant semi-crazy Irish Catholic family is what made me the way I am. How can I not include that in a day that celebrates who I've chosen to become?